Surprising statistics of the Electronic Cigarette World

Have you ever been vaping on a Monday morning, coffee in hand, looking out the window and thought: I wonder how many other people are starting their morning in the same fashion? Or have you ever vaped your brand of choice and thought I wonder which is the most sold brand of ecigs in the world? Well look no further we have dug deep and crunched down all the numbers to bring you all these statistics:


1. Did you know that just around a third or roughly 32% of people whom have tried e cigs have quit smoking in the space of six months? This is quite a shocking statistic especially since most of the people I know have always said they wouldn’t stop smoking even if ecigs grew in quality and the flavours available now were perfected even more so.

2. Although there are around 60 million smokers in the US and UK combined there are less than 5 million vapers in these two countries which begs the question how further the e cig market could potentially grow to.


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E-cigarettes to be banned in public in Wales but why?

Wales today has decided to become the first country in the UK to ban ecigarettes in public workspaces and enclosed areas including restaurants and pubs. This story has been echoed over every single British news TV channel and radio station the whole day and has caused a storm of controversy.

Now this story doesn’t come as a shock for most people outside of the UK since it has already happened in just about 40 other countries but it has certainly has taken the British population by surprise. Wales had decided to perform a survey a few weeks ago to see what percentage of the country were in favor of banning ecigarettes in public so that they could use this as their main counter argument when the decision eventually went through.

Unfortunately things didn’t turn out the way Mark Drakeford – the figure head of the pro banning campaign -wanted them to,  since 79% of people surveyed were opposed to the banning of ecigs in public spaces. Yet Mark in all his authority has decided to go through with the ban request despite the majority of the population being against him and having no counter argument.

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How to avoid the weight gain after quitting smoking

We have all heard it either from a friend or colleague or even that familiar character staring back at us in the mirror: Today is the day I quit, this is my last cigarette ever. This gusty affirmation is quickly followed by your conscience whispering in your brain with the primary argument why you or anyone else should carry on puffing on tobacco sticks and polluting one’s lungs with tar. ‘Think about all the weight you are going to put on. Those jeans you love so much will never ever fit you again in your life.’

Sadly this in fact happened to me. When I first quit I squashed that little voice in the back of my head and vowed to myself that I wouldn’t substitute cigarettes for another addiction, the sugary calorie dense kind. Fast forward four months and I had put on two stone (14kg) of pure lard disguised in the form of cookies, chocolate bars and sugar infested energy drinks. The jeans never ever did fit again until… today. Finally I have officially managed to shift the weight whilst staying off the cigarettes and if you are contemplating quitting smoking for good yet you are scared of putting on weight then I have all the tips and tricks you need and that have managed to help me in these very testing times.

1. Pat yourself on the back every single morning

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